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Compatibility Statement

The Nebraska Department of Roads has standardized on MicroStation SS3 and GEOPAK SS4 and has released their CAD standards, supporting applications and subsequent documentation to support this environment. The standards and applications have been tested and deployed for production use at NDOR running within the following environment:

  • MicroStation SS3 v08.11.09.608
  • Power GEOPAK v08.11.09.845
  • Windows 7 SP1, 32 bit/64 bit
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Microsoft Office 2010



ReadMe First - NDOR MicroStation and PowerGeopak Resources  |  Road Design & Construction Glossary










Planimetric Guidelines



Design Documentation

  • User Documents - Link to NDOR's documents database, user instructions, etc. You must have an NDOR issued user name and password to proceed. If you are doing work for NDOR and do not have a user name and password, please contact your consultant coordinator. If you do have a user name and password, you must enter "DORDOMNT1\" in front of your user name. Example: DORDOMNT1\Username


Custom Applications