Missouri River Bridge at Decatur

Project Information

Project #: STR-51-7(1006)

Control #: 32250


Items from July 2016


Frequently Asked Questions - As of August 2016


  1. How long would the bridge crossing be closed?
    The bridge crossing is anticipated to be closed for approximately four weeks.

  2. What does “under traffic” mean?
    When a project is constructed “under traffic”, traffic continues to use the roadway that is being worked on while the work is being completed. A portion of this project would be constructed under traffic.

  3. Would access for local traffic be maintained?
    A portion of the project would be constructed under traffic with lane closures controlled by flagging or temporary signals. During this time, traffic would be maintained. Oversized vehicles would not typically have room to cross in the single lane; however, prior arrangements could be made by contacting the District 3 Office at (402) 370-3470.

    During the bridge crossing closure, local traffic would have access on both N-51 and I-175, but the bridge crossing would not be accessible.

  4. How long is the detour?
    The length of the detour is approximately 74 miles.

  5. Would the bridge be accessible during planting season?
    We are trying to find the least disruptive time to have the bridge closed. This time period has not yet been established, but we anticipate it to be in the August/September time-frame. We are trying to avoid both planting and harvest seasons.

  6. What does “project letting” mean?
    A “project letting” makes the project available for contractors to bid on.

  7. When would construction tentatively begin?
    Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin spring of 2017 with completion in the fall of 2017.

  8. Who do I call if I have questions during construction?
    The District 3 Office may be contacted during construction, at (402) 370-3470. District 3 representatives will assist you or direct you accordingly to get your questions answered.