Build Nebraska Act – The Next 10 Years

Transportation is linked to the Nebraska economy. It is a significant piece of how our state continues to thrive and grow. Your Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) is updating its project prioritization process to more vigorously consider economic impacts and include more stakeholder input.

The Build Nebraska Act (BNA) is a 20-year transportation funding program. It includes $1.2 billion in funding for capital improvement projects across the state. Sixteen projects totaling $600 million were selected as part of the first 10 years of the Build Nebraska Act. Engineering performance was the starting point for making those selections.

NDOR is working with you to include more public input and economic impacts as we begin selection for the next 10 years of projects. We need your help to prioritize capital improvement projects, which includes projects like adding new lanes or building new expressways or viaducts.

Join the discussion of how we can best invest $600 million in state highway improvement projects during the next 10-year cycle of BNA.

Accelerated State Highway Capital Improvement Program

The Accelerated State Highway Capital Improvement Program will target investments that most impact our economy and allow us to grow Nebraska. The program creates a process that allows the NDOR to fast track expressways and other capital improvements projects that are vital to Nebraska. The Build Nebraska Act (BNA) was an important first-step in addressing the needs of Nebraska’s Expressway system and federally designated High Priority Corridors, construction of new highways and other high priority projects for the State Highway System. The Accelerated State Highway Capital Improvement Program advances similar initiatives and allows Nebraska to expand and accomplish more in capital improvements than we could with BNA alone.

  • Projects eligible for funding include construction of the expressway system and federally designated high priority corridors and capacity improvements across the state.
  • NDOR will select projects funded by the Transportation Infrastructure Bank in the summer of 2016 alongside BNA project selection.
  • The project selection process is being refined and will focus on transparency and potential economic impact.  

Learn more about accelerated project delivery methods. |  FAQ

"As I toured our state last summer, I heard from many stakeholders who want to be more involved in the project prioritization process, and many who think transportation investments should be more closely linked to growing Nebraska’s economy. Based on that feedback, we’re holding a series of meetings and providing electronic methods for you to get involved before decisions are made and projects are selected."

Kyle Schneweis


“Twenty-first century infrastructure is critical for us to be able to grow Nebraska.”

Pete Ricketts


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