Fiscal Years 2017-2022


Using Innovation to Secure the Future of Nebraska Infrastructure

Kyle Schneweis, Director


Throughout my first year as Director of the Department of Roads, I have had the opportunity to travel throughout our great state to meet with elected officials, business leaders, transportation stakeholders, and the people of Nebraska. In those meetings, four topics repeatedly came up: transportation system preservation, leveraging transportation to support the economy, the need for innovation and improving business practices, and fostering better partnerships. These topics have become the foundation of thought behind identifying Agency priorities and the future of how the Agency prioritizes capital improvement projects.


As you review the program book you will see evidence of my belief that both asset management projects and capital improvement projects are vital to securing the future of our Nebraska roadways. The projects selected for the program book are focused on maintaining and improving our transportation system. NDOR is committed to delivering these projects over the course of the next year and to providing safe roadways while preserving Nebraska’s network of highways and bridges.



Download the entire Surface Transportation Program Book

Published July 1, 2016 (Some pages are intentionally blank for printing purposes)

Project cost estimates contained in the book represent the planning estimates of the total costs of a project. These include: preliminary engineering, right-of-way, utilities, early planning estimates of construction, and other costs. They do not represent the final estimated construction cost of any project which goes to letting for bid by contractors.



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